Check Out the Best Gaming Phones of 2021

Check Out the Best Gaming Phones of 2021

Are you in the quest to finding the best gaming phone that you can use this new year? Well, you have a plethora of options when it comes to that. There is the Asus ROG family, Nubia Red Magic Mars, Razer Phone ll, Xiaomi Black Shark, and the Redmi Note 7 Pro. 

However, this vast array of choices makes the buying process very difficult. The features and specs make the process even harder. Gaming phones, especially the best ones, are equipped with various features. That includes Super AMOLED screens, superfast processors, large screen displays, advanced cooling systems, gaming-specific controls and displays that have high refresh rates, and stereo speakers. Looking at all these specs, most buyers get overwhelmed. 

Check Out the Best Gaming Phones of 2021

If you are not sure about the specs that you should choose, you may end up purchasing the wrong gaming phone. For this reason, we curated a list of the best gaming phones this 2021.

Gaming Phones: What Models are In this 2021?

Gaming phones are so popular right now. A lot of brands are competing to provide consumers with high-performing gaming phones. But as mentioned, the choices make it even more difficult to make a decision. This is the reason why we listed some of the best ones right now.

Asus ROG Phone – The Best Gaming Phone in All Aspects

The ROG in the Asus ROG Phone stands for Republic of Gamers. Needless to say, the company created this smartphone with gamers in mind. It offers the best and most powerful ergonomics as well as the most thoughtful design among gaming phones.

Its screen is a 6-inch AMOLED display that refreshes 90 times per second. Such is a first for any OLED phone that has an AMOLED screen. While the ROG Phone’s refresh rate is not as high as the Razer Phone ll’s 120Hz LCD display, it still offers less motion blur and faster response times. 

In addition, this gaming phone has innovative AirTriggers. They are pressure-sensitive corners that also act as bumper buttons for games. As a result, your control over gaming is significantly expanded. It also has a dedicated X Mode that provides users with an optimized gaming experience. Such is even more comfortable when you are using the detachable fan accessory of this gaming phone, which is included when you buy the ROG Phone. 

Moreover, the Asus ROG Phone also has the longest battery life. 

Razer Phone ll – The Best Gaming Phone for Daily Use

The Razer Phone 11 is for people who are looking for a gaming phone that also works well as an everyday phone. It has all the necessary functions of a gaming phone. Yet, it doubles as an excellent Android phone that you can use every day when you are not playing games. In addition, this one is the only phone that has IP67 water resistance as well as wireless charging. 

In terms of the design, the Razer Phone ll has a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey look. But its best feature is the bright, 120Hz refresh rate and display. Regardless if you are gaming or not, the animations of this phone, such as scrolling pages or switching from one app to another look smooth. The graphics, in addition, are also crisp.

Check Out the Best Gaming Phones of 2021

Moreover, this gaming phone has excellently-loud built-in speakers. These speakers seem to have been designed exactly for both mobile gamers and those who live every day with music and movies.

Nubia Red Magic Mars – The Best Value Gaming Phone

The Red Magic Mars is Nubia’s follow-up to the Red Magic phone that it launched in 2018. It has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. In addition, it has the necessary features for gaming phones, such as capacitive shoulder buttons. It also has an excellent game mode and an innovative cooling system. On top of that, the price is budget-friendly. 

Apart from the custom gaming mode, the Nubia Red Magic Mars runs stock Android 9 Pie. However, the screen has a downside. Compared to the Razer Phone ll and Asus ROG Phones, the Red Magic Mars cannot compete screen-wise.

Other than that single downside, this gaming phone is solid. Its processor is an upgraded Snapdragon 855. It also has a 90Hz OLED display as well as an internal fan.

Xiaomi Black Shark – The Best Gaming Phone with an Excellent Accessory

The Black Shark from Xiaomi comes with a gamepad that you can slide onto the phone’s end. It acts like a physical joystick that makes a huge difference in gaming. However, it runs on an Android 8.1 Oreo rather than an Android 9 Pie. still, using the Black Shark’s UI for non-gaming stuff is like using a Pixel 3 when it came out the first time. 

However, the Xiaomi Black Shark has some downsides in terms of gaming. To name some, it does not have a headphone jack and there is a very cheap plastic feel to the gamepad accessory. 

The processor, moreover, is an updated Snapdragon 855. In addition, it has a touch-sensitive screen that is similar to the 3D Touch of Apple. The Xiaomi Black Shark also has an in-display fingerprint reader as well as mappable onscreen right and left controls. 

If you are planning to buy a gaming accessory for this phone, the Gamepad 2.0 is a must have. For a price of $89, it provides a similar feel to the Nintendo Switch. In addition, it has a left and right controller that slide and lock onto either end of the device. 

Check Out the Best Gaming Phones of 2021

Final Thoughts

The gaming phone industry is continuously growing. With all the choices on the market right now, it is important that you know which ones will make your investment worth it. It is a must that you know what benefits your chosen gaming phone will give you, as well as its downsides. For this reason, make sure to do some research first before you make a purchase.

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