High-End Mobile Gaming Is The Future of Gaming

High-End Mobile Gaming Is The Future of Gaming

For many parts of the world, access to powerful computers and the latest consoles is nearly impossible. Even with these devices’ high prices, the value of different currencies invalidates these as realistic options. However, everyone needs a mobile phone, and the step-up in the price for a modern gaming phone really blurs the lines and suddenly becomes highly accessible.

The Small Price To Pay To Upgrade from Regular Phones to Gaming Phones

While every hundred dollars count, when the additional hundred or two dollars transform your already required payment for a phone into an entertainment console: What do you do? The answer is brutally simple. A resounding, yes! This is especially true in many parts of the world that have high-density cities. There is not enough room for people to have a gigantic television and media center, so why not have one in your hands!

Further, people are becoming more and more transient, and suddenly your big screen television and media entertainment center become mobile as well. Can your television do that? Of course, not!

Suddenly, you’ve got the power of a 144hz refresh rate screen with you on the bus, in the car, on a plane, or a train! Everywhere you go, you can relax and play a round of your favorite mobile video game!

The Mobile Entertainment Center That Fits In Your Pocket

Finally, people that have to travel to and from work every day, often for hours on end, can use all this time to watch movies, play games, and do whatever you want! Don’t underestimate the power of the mobile processors found in these devices! Not only can they run high-speed games with ultra-real graphics, but they can also multi-task as well.

People can split-screen their phones and do their work while they level up their character in their favorite game. Some of these phones even hide custom trigger buttons similar to the traditional Nintendo DS or Switch.

What Does High-End Gaming Look Like on Mobile Phones?

There are a few different versions of true high-end gaming in regards to mobile phones. One type will be the high-end gaming phones that have huge screens with high resolutions and even higher refresh rates. These phones might have special buttons and unique accessories that help improve the gaming experience.

Another version will be using the phone as a device that remotely connects to a more powerful device that actually runs the graphics remotely and sends it to you via the internet. This technology is already commonly used today by a variety of “Cloud Gaming Services” you can buy right now. Shadow Tech, one of the leading providers, already has Android and iOS software for you to use! You can do it right now, and you might not even need a new phone!

The Next Step for High-End Gaming Phones: VR and 3D

The next logical conclusion for these devices will be their direct connection to the next wave of media delivery. This will immediately be in VR’s shape, virtual reality, as this is already partially here. There are fundamental versions of devices that allow you to plug your phone in, and it will become a fully functioning Virtual Reality device for your entertainment.

The next wave is essentially going to be the last: a type of 3D that displays truly 3D images and media, and eventually games, for our enjoyment. It might work like the original Star Wars movies portrayed them as a hologram where the media grows out of a narrow point or screen.

Conclusion: Will You Join the Mobile Gaming Revolution?

You have to wonder how much fun you will miss if you join at a later date. You must be curious how much fun there is to have right now? Don’t take our word for it, read about gaming phones today! You might already have one in your pocket!

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