The Most Popular Game Genres on Mobile

The Most Popular Game Genres on Mobile

The desires of those playing them will determine the games that most people play. Some, such as children or adults with limited free time for leisure activities, will want simple games that are easy to learn and take little time to play. Others may wish to expand their minds in various ways – perhaps through education or simply through reflection upon a relevant topic. These individuals may prefer something that requires more thought and study.

I would expect that, as a result of these two basic groups of players, the most popular mobile games will be relatively simple in concept and easy to play. They may also allow for some depth of thought.
It will be interesting to see what becomes this prediction, as the mobile games industry has historically trended towards greater complexity and depth in game design. Drawing on my knowledge of human preferences from other fields – such as art and music – I would expect that the most popular games will also tend toward being simpler.

Many people will likely prefer to play games on their computers or handheld game consoles in the future. These devices have more power and storage than a mobile phone does.
To play a game on a computer or handheld console, one must own the device. Thus, unlike mobile phones, computers and consoles require an initial outlay of capital to purchase.
I would expect that the most popular games on computers or handheld game consoles will continue to trend towards a greater depth of play and increased realism. The demands of many players for a more immersive experience is what drives this.

Out of Many Mobile Games: There Can Be Only One

There are many mobile games, which would be of interest to most people. Some of these include Words With Friends, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga. These games can also be played on Facebook, depending on the platform. Some games are about making money, such as Clash of Clans and Game of War. These games tend to be the most popular because they give people in-game currency for free or at a low cost, making purchases within the game.

Other games are more like gambling apps, where you play slots or blackjack. There is a high chance of losing money in these games because it is based on luck, and there’s no skill involved. There are also RPG and MMORPG games, which can be addicting as well. These games take time to play but provide a lot of entertainment for the player. The best way to keep track of these games is to visit a website called, which has a list of all the mobile games on the Android platform. There are so many mobile games out there that it is easy for a person to get overwhelmed with all the options. Hopefully, this information will help in choosing which game best suits their needs.

Obvious Mention: Candy Crush

You are right to mention Candy Crush. It is a quite popular game, and you can see that on any platform, such as Facebook or Google Play store. Just type in ‘Candy Crush’ into the search bar, and there will probably be at least one result with millions of users. Perhaps you don’t even need to type anything into the search bar, as it is very likely that your friends will have mentioned this game to you already. Just think about how many times they’ve started a conversation with ‘Have you tried Candy Crush?’ and did not stop talking until they had persuaded you to download the game.

I must say I am not a fan of Candy Crush, and it is hard for me to imagine how people can get hooked on such a simple game. But millions of people worldwide play it, so you are right that it is trendy.
To me, there is something quite primitive about Candy Crush. It is almost like the mobile equivalent of an arcade game from the 80s.

There is something even more primitive about the other mobile games you mentioned. They look like they were designed for children, and I don’t think adults would find them much fun. But to be fair, people are free to spend their time as they like, so perhaps there are a few overgrown children who enjoy these kinds of games. I would not call these games ‘popular’, as popular is a term reserved for enjoyable and/or useful things. I do not find them enjoyable or useful, so they cannot be popular in my book.

Evolving Popularity of Mobile Game Genres

How does popularity work? What is the very nature of it, and how can you tell if something is popular or not? My first thought was to wonder whether being ‘popular’ meant that many people liked something, but this doesn’t make much sense. Many people like, which I don’t think anyone would call ‘popular,’ such as drinking large amounts of alcohol to become intoxicated (although there will be some who do). If we say a thing becomes popular when lots of people like it, we beg the question – what makes us think they LIKE liking it?

I think a better answer, and one that doesn’t beg the question is to say that ‘being popular’ means being liked by lots of people. But this raises another difficulty – why do we like things? One possible reason for liking something is that it makes you feel good when you think about it. If I were to imagine eating my favorite dessert or going on holiday somewhere nice, I would feel happy as I considered these things. If lots of other people get the same feeling from what they imagine when they look at your game, you can be reasonably sure (provided there aren’t any weird exceptions) that they will also like your game.


I could tell you which mobile games are most downloaded, but that would not necessarily mean they were the most popular. There might be many people who don’t actually play the game and only download it for fun. Various factors could affect a mobile game’s popularity, such as the developer’s previous track record (good or bad), word of mouth, and perhaps even social media hype. Another factor is how much money was spent on advertising.

I think that the mobile game which receives the most revenue is probably the Clash of Clans. Because it’s been around for so long, and many players have spent a lot of money on gems.
I believe that the most common mobile games are either card games or multiplayer strategy-based combat. Many of these games have a freemium model (meaning they’re free to download and can be played for free). Some of these include Clash Royale, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Game Of War – Fire Age, and Mobile Strike.

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